The Wine

Alma de Almorqui
Alma de Almorquí
is a natural wine based on organic grapes, old knowledge, and new ideas about what a wine should be like.

Our winery is situated in one of the driest corners of Europe, and only the local monastrell grape will thrive in these conditions without irrigation. The many hours of sunshine result in a very ripe, dark fruit that does not require hard pressing to extract color and tannins. The limestone soil provides natural acidity and results in a nicely structured wine.

The grapes are carefully selected and harvested by hand, before they are left to ferment naturally in over five hundred year old hand carved limestone deposits.

Minimal intervention and no additives during production turn Alma de Almorquí into a wine with great character and clear aromas not to be masked by use of oak.

The wine is young, but is still full bodied and structured enough to be enjoyed with game or red meat, even though it is excellent with lighter dishes or simply all by itself.

If you live in Norway, you can order our wine following this link, and have it brought to your door at a small charge.